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Instrumental crossover string group “Spinphony” is breaking down barriers between classical, rock and pop music. Mixing and mashing catchy melodies into unique arrangements such as "Bach in Black" and "Don't Stop Beethoven", Spinphony is classical-pop fusion string quartet with added choreography and beats. The four electrifying ladies who often get mistaken for sisters, are winning over audiences with their creative and high energy performances nationwide. They have over 50k Facebook followers and have released three studio albums which are on the forefront of classical/rock crossover music. Their one of a kind sound is refreshing and will leave audiences with a whole new appreciation for instrumental music.

The quartet is comprised of Brett Omara and Anna Morris on violin, Michaela Borth on 5 String, and Kari Clifton on cello. Combined, the ladies have been playing their instruments for over 100 years. They have performed shows worldwide and collaborated with 2 Cellos,

Evanescense, Il Volo, Josh Groban and Michael Bublé to name a few. Whether you’re a fan of ACDC, Bach, Vivaldi, or Bruno Mars, the Spinphony show is music that everyone will love!

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Isolated Date: $8,500 plus lodging (up to 2 nights) and local ground

*Routed Fee: $6,500 plus lodging (up to 2 nights)

*Routed fee requires a minimum of 3 venues within driving 300 miles driving distance from each other

Education/Outreach available for additional fee

Symphony Charts Available

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.